What is a Cashier?

Cashiers help customers with purchases at stores like supermarkets, malls, private shops etc. The main roles include working at the till, accepting payments, giving change, advising on products, accepting refunds and bagging bought items. Cashiers are also responsible for representing the company in a courteous manner, since they are often the only company representative that the customer interacts when they make a purchase.

Cashier Duties

  • Accept cash, credit card and similar payments from customers.
  • Give appropriate change and receipts and bag items if needed.
  • Scan goods and inform customers of the final price of their purchases.
  • Issue refunds in accordance with the store refund policy and check for damages.
  • Interact with customers and help resolve problems.
  • Advise customers on product specifications and pricing.
  • Greet customers when they enter the store.
  • Clean the equipment, surfaces and surroundings at the store.

Common Skills and Requirements

Soft Skills:

Communication, Friendliness, Punctuality, Positive Attitude

Technical Skills:

Operating the till, Accepting credit card payments

Average Cashier Salary

Local minimum wage – 25,000 € per year

Cashier CV Examples

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