Chemical Engineer

What is a Chemical Engineer?

Chemical Engineers apply theoretical principles of chemistry, biology and engineering to research, develop and manufacture chemical compounds, drugs, fuel, food and many other products. They design detailed step-by-step processes for manufacturing of the chemicals and design safety procedures for working with dangerous substances.

Chemical Engineer Duties

  • Providing technical knowledge & expertise to enable implementation of identified opportunities with a chemical process plant environment.
  • Providing technical support to refinery operations.
  • Monitoring and evaluating equipment performance.
  • Troubleshooting equipment problems.
  • Developing cost estimates, specifying required equipment.
  • Planning for maintenance shutdowns.
  • Liaise with the Project Engineering section to develop the plant design, layout, costing and proposals for authorisation.
  • Organisation of design and commissioning work and requests for resources, to achieve the required Production budget.
  • Advise other Engineers, Customers, Contractors and Consultants on technical matters covering design, safety, and materials of construction and processing techniques.
  • Ensuring all chemical engineering work is in compliance with Statutory Regulations and Codes of Practice.
  • Deciding the scope and extent of hazard assessment required relevant to the process, carrying out calculations, deciding on and implementing testing programmes to obtain further data, initiating and leading HAZOPs as required, and revising designs accordingly, and maintaining the risk assessment record system.
  • Initiation, design, implementation and commissioning of Plant Modification Proposals, to modify existing plant.
  • Perform maintenance and upgrade services on-site and at factory.
  • Support and Partner with key clients to develop safety projects.
  • Undertake Process Safety Consultancy and Training.

Common Skills and Requirements

Soft Skills:

Project Management, Analysis and Problem-Solving, Creativity, Communication, Attention to Detail

Technical Skills:

MATLAB, HYSYS, UNISIM, LABVIEW, SolidWorks, Python, MS Office

Average Chemical Engineer Salary

€60,000 – €80,000 per year

Chemical Engineer CV Examples

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