Finance Director

What is a Finance Director?

Finance Director is responsible for and has overall control over all financial aspects of company strategy. They also provide financial advice and support to senior executives to help make key decisions.

Finance Director Duties

  • Create and manage high performing teams across the Finance function.
  • Enable maximum availability of working capital to support the company’s strategic plans
  • Management of foreign currency.
  • Internal and external data analysis to ensure the business uses fact-based decision making
  • Researching, analysing and modelling strategic opportunities for the group.
  • Financial management of the company, cash flow and budget management, financial control, statutory reporting and coordination of annual audits.
  • Setting and reviewing annual budgets, forecasts and re-forecasts, including planning, implementing and maintaining accountancy and budgeting systems and policies.
  • Preparation of the business and full involvement in the process leading up to its first transaction.
  • Produce monthly timely and accurate management accounts reporting for all levels of the company including monthly forecasts identifying future group profitability, cash and resourcing requirements.
  • Co-ordinate the annual business planning process with the production of annual budgets and targets.
  • Maintain accurate statutory financial records and compliance with company legal requirements and ensure that adequate financial controls are in place throughout the company at all times.
  • Development and reporting on KPI’s across the business to keep the management team focused on the right tasks.
  • Review and continue to develop financial business model and focus heavily on ensuring the business is growing as quickly as possible whilst exceeding its quality measures.

Common Skills and Requirements

Soft Skills:

Leadership, Analysis, Communication, Working well under pressure

Technical Skills:

Microsoft Office, Xero, SAP

Average Finance Director Salary

€80,000 – €100,000 per year

Finance Director CV Examples

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