Industrial Engineer

What is an Industrial Engineer?

Industrial Engineers deal with the optimization of complex systems or processes and reduce waste that does not provide value-adding. The eliminated waste can be in the form of: energy, time, space, man-hours, machine time, materials, transportation, overproduction etc.

Industrial Engineer Duties

  • Develop, analyse and troubleshoot production processes (both technical repair and support sides of the operation) through the use of engineering tools, methods and techniques.
  • Utilizing knowledge of various manual and automation processing rates to support staffing, balancing, costing, scheduling and other business analytics.
  • Apply Industrial Engineering theories of line, inventory and work-in-progress management to reduce production cycle times.
  • Lead the development of lean production lines and line balancing, including for new product introductions.
  • Improving work methods by analyzing methods and procedures to ascertain the most efficient way to perform all warehouse tasks. (Reducing steps, travel, non-value added time, and waste, deploying best practices, works amplification, staff planning, balancing, and identification/removal of barriers to productivity).
  • Optimizing material flow (Travel reduction, process balancing, optimizing storage utilization and put-away logic, and efficient slotting).
  • Monitoring and maintain a deep understanding of variables impacting key performance metrics, contributing input and support to team in achieving targets.
  • Leading/supporting the continuous improvement programs for both facilities (with a focus on improving cost effectiveness; performance, utilization of systems, equipment and people, while maintaining a safe, quality and customer focused work environment).
  • Managing a variety of projects including, but not limited to; Identifying and justifying new technology/automation solutions, standardization of best practices across facilities, costing, root cause analysis, design, process improvement, capacity improvement, material handling system and technology changes.

Common Skills and Requirements

Soft Skills:

Leadership, Analysis, Communication, Creativity, Time Management, Persistence

Technical Skills:

SAP, AutoCAD, Microsoft Office

Average Industrial Engineer Salary

€60,000 – €80,000 per year

Industrial Engineer CV Examples

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